• Integrated Credit Card Processing is a key benefit of using POWERSuite Enterprise.

  • Client credit cards can be stored on file for immediate use during deposit and payment postings. (See below).

  • Card info can be manually entered, swiped or used with the latest chip card readers/scanners that may be deployed throughout your network.

  • This includes processing credit cards using tablet devices through DP/DashBoard/CRM in the field with your sales reps and field technicians on-site with clients.

  • This means payment information is captured securely and fully integrated with your Accounts Receivable, Point of Sale and Sales Order Entry modules.

  • All of this information flows directly to your General Ledger module for complete bank reconciliation on a daily basis.

  • This means the elimination of multiple points of data entry and manual rekeying of information from separate card readers and entering authorization information separately.

  • Maximize your best processing rates and integration features using the exclusive DP/CHARGE Advanced Payment Server.

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