Data Pro Accounting Software, Inc. was started in 1985 as a privately owned, Tampa, Florida based corporation. The goal of the corporation has always been to develop and market a full line of accounting software products for a wide range of market segments, on a broad spectrum of operating systems environments. 

In 1987, Data Pro came to national prominence as an innovative software developer by winning the largest private label accounting software contract of the time. Over 1500 ComputerLand stores throughout North America began to market the Data Pro products as the ComputerLand Professional Accounting Series (CPA Series).  In 1989, Data Pro continued to win accolades from the industry as it was included in the Price Waterhouse Review of Top Ten Accounting Software Vendors for the first time receiving the runner up honors for the PC Magazine Editor's Choice award. 

In 1994, Data Pro Accounting Software released its next generation of the Infinity Advanced Accounting Solutions...Infinity POWER.  The Infinity POWER product group delivers on its name with unparalleled flexibility, speed and full Client/Server — SQL benefits to the current day.  Infinity POWER allowed users running Windows and UNIX networked systems to share the same accounting data files, while processing from completely different operating system platforms. 

In 1996, Data Pro released an advanced set of products allowing its Infinity POWER accounting software users to become instantly e-commerce enabled using the Web. Infinity COMMERCE was implemented for order processing over the web and internal support of Data Pro’s processing applications, such as Job Costing or Payroll in Intranet implementations. 

Infinity COMMERCE web enabled every Infinity POWER accounting module for use in a web environment. In 2003, Data Pro released a breakthrough extension of its Infinity COMMERCE technology called DP/Dashboard (Enterprise Management System), which revolutionized the way in which companies could manage their financial reporting system, including advanced “drill downs of financial statements,” Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Check Reconciliation detailed transaction reports, customer aging reports and drill downs, internal reporting systems, centralized policy management control, company location directions, enterprise wide document control and management, corporate phone list management, real time company-wide calendar system, project and task management, customer support management and complete flexibility for a wide range of other add-on features.  

With over 245,000 products installed worldwide, Data Pro Accounting Software has an established, stable and accepted line of products. Combined with outstanding software support service to both its resellers and end users, Data Pro Accounting Software is still poised for consistent growth and profitability for many years to come. 

Product Profile

Data Pro Accounting Software’s Infinity POWER products represent a special mix of advanced accounting software solutions designed to address a wide range of business needs in a highly integrated fashion.  With over fifteen (15) application modules targeting specific industries such as Financial Accounting, Job Costing, Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, Point of Sale, Payroll, Inventory Management, Bank Reconciliation, Support Billing and more, users find that Infinity POWER is highly flexible in its implementation and design.

This flexibility comes from the built-in ability to add user-defined fields and indexes to all accounting modules, as needed, so that users can always incorporate all of the information needed to accommodate their business needs.  

Since the advanced Infinity COMMERCE web technologies are included with both versions of the System Administrator overhead module (Standard and Client/Server SQL version), all users are provided with the tools they need to integrate their accounting system for Internet and Intranet e-commerce implementations immediately.

The DP/Dashboard/CRM (Enterprise Management System) allows companies to deploy a central Intranet system to manage their financial reporting system and much more.  From a central corporate calendar and document control, to the integrated Customer Support Management system, companies with various needs and even existing accounting systems (other than Data Pro’s), can utilize this unique product to make better decisions and improve communications within their organizations.  DP/DashBoard/CRM is simple to deploy, readily understood in a familiar format, needs only the latest browser at the client level and only requires a Microsoft Windows 10 or 11 PC or Windows 2012 or higher Server.

Infinity POWER’s ease of use and integration capability with a wide range of third-party applications make it an ideal solution for a wide variety of companies.  A long-time preferred choice for use as a back-end solution in the hospitality and medical industry, its seamless integration with all of its available modules such as Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Job Costing and Sales Order Entry make daily processing a snap for everyday users. 

With built-in support for advanced bar-code reading and printing throughout, secure credit card processing, cash drawer management and tight integration capabilities to a wide range of third-party devices for input such as time clocks, Infinity POWER is ideal for deployment across various applications, both large and small.

Customization and Modification Tools

Data Pro Accounting Software incorporates a wide range of customization tools throughout all of its applications that allow users and Dealers to modify the application to the customer’s needs without affecting their long-term ability to easily upgrade.  Data Pro does not provide source code, but with an open architecture for data files, access to data is never an issue.  Instead, users have the ability to add user defined fields and indexes throughout all applications.

DP/DashBoard/CRM allows for complete custom report generation.  All application data is called from and written back through the “POWERServer” module which is at the heart of the Infinity COMMERCE technology.  It provides security access and control to all accounting objects, and manages access and updates to the various accounting files.  Therefore, all customized work can be implemented through Infinity COMMERCE without changing the source accounting system.  This is critical as new versions of the product are released; no customization charges have to be re-incurred by the client each time a new product release is introduced.  

When a new version of the accounting products is installed, the web site continues to run because the POWERServer knows all of the rules and understands if there have been any changes made to the underlying file systems.  If so, it knows how to deal with the changes without forcing the web designers to become aware of the changes.  It is very simple and yet very powerful in its implementation.

DP/DashBoard/CRM is based upon this technology, which is why additional customization and modifications are expected and planned for within this product. It is known that many Data Pro customers will want additional “custom” programming features that will be unique to them.  Resellers and developers will have the ability to make these modifications simply at the DP/DashBoard/CRM level without worrying about modifying the Infinity POWER source code.  

The latest expansion of this integration is the use of “API” technologies built into the DP/DashBoard/CRM for the integration into third party applications and web sites.  Particularly web site shopping cart systems featuring Woo Commerce and Magento.  This allows these web sites to capture orders and customer information and automatically post it through the API directly to the Infinity POWER Accounts Receivable and Sales Order Entry modules in real time!

Licensing Strategy

Realizing that many of our clients were losing their local dealers over time due to the changing nature of the business, Data Pro in 2023 rolled out its new “licensing strategy” for simplifying the access to the right software modules for each specific client’s needs.

That strategy, marketed as “POWERSuite Enterprise” combines all of the “Infinity POWER Advanced Accounting Software modules” along with all of the Infinity COMMERCE software products under one licensing bundle, at a very affordable price.

Clients can license the combination, either on a monthly basis or an annual basis, thus saving a nice prepaid discount fee.  Both versions allow the client to add user counts as needed.  The “Monthly POWERSuite” starts with a single user count and the “Annual” bundle comes with a default two (2) user count.

Either POWERSuite bundle can then be installed locally on the client’s network, PC or on a hosted DPROCloud Server.  Whatever they prefer!  

DPROCloud Hosting

Data Pro began hosting dedicated Windows Servers for its’ clients in 2015 to ensure that its clients had a secure and well support method of protecting their valuable data.  This also ensures Data Pro customers that they would be able to get rid of their IT hassles and allow the people who know how to support their accounting software needs best to take best care of their needs.

Particularly in the age of rising ransomware attacks, it is very comforting for our clients to know that they have a dedicated Windows server that is fully backed up “hourly” for a rolling fourteen (14) days.  So, if they are ever attacked, we can take them back to a specific rollback window and get them going again, without paying ridiculous ransom fees to pirates!

The results have been terrific with more and more clients expanding their use of the DPROCloud platform every month, particularly, when the pandemic arrived and access to offices was far more restricted.


Data Pro’s accounting software is a “double entry” accounting system.  It isn’t a “Document Printing” piece of software like many of the very popular products sold on the marketplace.  However, if your bookkeeper can write a check, or generate an invoice, and delete the history of that transaction where you as the owner can’t see it in the audit trail, unless they personally reconcile their bank statements, then, it’s “Document Printing” piece of software and NOT a double entry accounting system!

Data Pro has publicly traded clients who have used our software for dozens of years and Federal agencies who run billions of dollars every day through our software, without ever failing a government audit.  That’s the kind of reliability we offer our clients.  

You can “void” an “Accounts Payable or Payroll check” or a “Customer invoice” in the Infinity POWER software, with an audit trail, you just can’t “DELETE” transactions for your convenience!  Audit Trail is Everything!!!

POWERSuite Enterprise has everything than you need today and tomorrow!

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