• Infinity POWER (Version 7.63) now includes DP/SalesTax at no additional charge.

  • This allows integration to third party sales tax software service providers, such as AccurateTax and Avalara’s AvaTax.

  • Or, if your reporting needs are limited to a small number of states or areas, you can still use the original sales tax setup and reporting features built into the Infinity POWER Accounts Receivable and Point of Sale modules.

  • The user will see no visible difference between the internal tax calculations and the AccurateTax and AvaTax service calculations. The benefit is that accurate tax calculations will be made without the user needing to continually maintain and update their internal tax rates themselves.

  • Various states in the United States and provinces in Canada have now implemented so many new rules and calculations that it has made it very difficult to manually maintain the tax rates.

  • We incorporated support for AccurateTax and Avalara’s AvaTax for those clients whose needs cross state borders and have far more complicated sales tax and certificate reporting needs.

  • The Data Pro user will first need to subscribe to the AccurateTax and/or Avalara Sales Tax Service. They both offer many different services and options. Therefore, we encourage our users to have a thorough conversation with one of their highly qualified sales associates. has more information on their products. Contact Susan Petracco at AccurateTax at 866-400-2444 or for pricing information. has more information on their products.
Contact Chad Meszaros at Avalara Sales Tax Software at 919-627-9765 or for pricing information.

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