Why POWERSuite Enterprise?

  • POWERSuite Enterprise is a special combination of Data Pro Accounting Software’s Infinity POWER advanced accounting modules combined with our latest E-commerce technologies and CRM features. 

  • This bundle allows companies of all sizes to consolidate all of their business accounting needs into one affordable, yet powerful multi-user, double entry accounting system.

  • From 2 users to 200 users, 1 company to 100 companies, the software comes with full consolidation capabilities for advanced reporting for partnerships and owners with multiple financial holdings.

  • There’s no “dinging” you for every employee you add to Payroll. Whether you have 5 employees or 500, they’re all included at the same price of the POWERSuite Enterprise!

  • The only variations in pricing are the total number of Windows Users you want to access your PC or Server simultaneously.

  • You decide whether you’re going to host the software yourself locally or whether you want to put it on a Cloud Server of your choice. 

  • Or, you can have it hosted by us on one of our dedicated DPROCloud Windows Servers just for you.

  • You don’t ever share a server with anyone and it’s backed up on the hour with the programs and data retained for a rolling fourteen days. 

  • That’s how you protect yourself from ransomware attacks!

POWERSuite Pricing

Pay MONTHLY as you go.

Monthly POWERSuite


Monthly Fee.
Includes 1 Windows User & Unlimited Web Users
One-Time $495 Set Up Fee Required
(automatically added at checkout)

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  • One-Time Set Up Fee - $495.00

Additional Users

Each month for each additional user.

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Prepay for the YEAR and SAVE!

Annual POWERSuite


Annual Fee.
Includes 2 Windows Users & Unlimited Web Users.
One-Time $495 Set Up Fee Required
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  • One-Time Set Up Fee - $495.00

Additional Users

Each year for each additional user.

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Technical Support

1 Minute - $3.50
1 Hour Block (60 Minutes) - $135
4 Hour Block (240 Minutes) - $495

Add-On Products

We provide a wide range of utilities, scripts
and additional modules.

Accounting Modules Included in POWERSuite Enterprise

  • System Administrator – Standard & SQL Version 
    (FoxPro Database with 1 User Count. Includes: Advanced Security Administrator, POWERServer, Menu Editing Tool, and Forms Generator) 
  • General Ledger (with Advanced Budgeting & Financial Report Writer) 
  • Accounts Payable (with 1099 Printing, Magnetic Media, Vendor Management, Check Writing & EFT Processing)  
  • Purchase Order Entry (with Purchasing & On-Order Management)  
  • Accounts Receivable (with Customer Management, Invoicing, Chip Card Credit Card Processing & EFT Processing)  
  • Inventory Management (With Manufacturing Processing, Job Shop Integration, Bar Coding, Price Plan Management, & Advanced Sales Analysis)
  • Sales Order Entry (with Batch Order Processing, Invoicing with Backorder Tracking & Chip Card Credit Card Processing)
  • Point of Sale (with Cash Drawer Management, Pole Display, Multi-Printer Support and Chip Card Credit Card Processing) 
  • Payroll (with W-2 Printing, Magnetic Media, Employee Management, Check Writing and Direct Deposit. No limits on # of Employees.)
  • Job Cost Main Module (Project Cost Controls, Construction Billing, Work Order Control, Budget Integration with Proposal Writing in Sales Order Entry)
  • Check Reconciliation (Cash Management with Electronic Funds Transfer Processing) 
  • Time Sheet Entry (with Direct Integration to Payroll & the ability to integrate to a wide range of Time Clocks)  
  • DP/CHARGE (Advanced Payment Server – Integrated Chip Card Credit Card Processing & EFT Processing) 
  • DP/CONVERT (Third Party Data Conversion Utility) 
  • Customer Support Management (with Warranty Tracking and Call Center Billing) 
  • Report Writer (Advanced Utility for Creating Customized Reports / Extracting Data) 
  • DP/EXTRACT (Excel-based data extraction tool for GL, AP, AR, IM & PR. Ideal for printing labels and generating e-mail blasts.)  

Infinity Commerce Modules Included in POWERSuite Enterprise

  • DP/DashBoard/CRM (Enterprise Management System) (Web Browser Users) 
  • DP/AUTO (Event Triggering System – Includes 15 various scripts and is ideal for Integration with 3rd Party Software Products) 
  • DP/SCAN (Real Time Mobile Scanning Software for Windows PCs – Requires DP/DashBoard) (Handheld Licenses sold separately).

One Time Set Up Fee Details

  • The One-Time Setup Fee is “Required” on either a local installation of POWERSuite Enterprise or on a dedicated cloud server.
  • The fee includes all installation of the various software modules and configuration of the Microsoft IIS Server, which is required for installation.
  • The fee includes the configuration of the Advanced Security Administrator module and the POWERServer, which are part of the System Administrator module.
  • The Customer will complete a questionnaire first providing the list of users, printers, passwords and security rights that are to be assigned to various users and   groups of users to be defined within the accounting software. This will then be predefined for the Customer as part of the One Time Setup Fee.
  • The software requires Windows (11, 10, 8, or 7) or a Windows Server (2022, 2019, 2016 or 2012), 512MB RAM Memory and 500 MB of disk space.
  • Internet Access is Required! Administrator Rights of the PC/Server are Required.
  • The fee includes a FREE Merchant Processing Account so that the firm may process “Credit Cards” through the Accounts Receivable, Sales Order Entry, Point of  Sale, and DP/DashBoard/CRM software modules. An ability to accept ACH Drafts is also available for interested companies at no additional charge.
  • The fee includes a default Chart of Accounts and Financial Statement formats that are designed to be completely integrated with all included software modules.
  • The fee includes DP/CONVERT which is an advanced “Data Conversion” tool which allows companies to “export” their data from virtually any other accounting   software product into an “Excel” file template. The DP/CONVERT “Templates” guide the user on what pieces of information are “Mandatory” and “Optional”   for data conversion. Additional technical support services can be provided to those firms not familiar with data conversion processes.
  • Windows Users may be added or deleted by the end of each month for monthly billing customers. 
  • The number of “Web Browser Users” for DP/DashBoard/CRM is unlimited. 

Technical Support Services

  • 1-Hour ($135) & 4-Hour ($495)Technical and Web-based Training Support Contracts
  • On-Site Training Services - $150 per hour (Corporate Trainer) $200 per hour (Senior Trainer), plus Travel Expenses
  • Custom Forms Modifications (Standard – Checks, Invoices, etc.) $200.00 per form modification
  • DP/AUTO Scripts - $250 per hour (VB Script Modifications) 
  • DP/DashBoard/CRM & DP/API Custom Programming - $400 per hour (Customizations) 

Infinity Commerce Modules

Available Media: CD-ROM  System Requirements: Minimum 512 MB RAM, 500 MB Hard Disk Systems Supported: Microsoft Windows (11, 10, 8 or 7) (32 & 64 Bit),   Microsoft Windows Server (2022, 2019, 2016, or 2012)  

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