Annual POWERSuite

Annual POWERSuite


Annual Fee.
Includes 2 Windows Users & Unlimited Web Users.
One-Time $495 Set Up Fee Required
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  • One-Time Set Up Fee - $495.00


POWERSuite Enterprise is a special combination of Data Pro Accounting Software’s Infinity POWER advanced accounting modules combined with our latest E-commerce technologies and CRM features. This bundle allows companies of all sizes to consolidate all of their business accounting needs into one affordable, yet powerful multi-user, double entry accounting system. From two users to 200 users, one company to 1,000 companies, the software comes with full consolidation capabilities for advanced reporting for partnerships and owners with multiple financial holdings.

There’s no “dinging” you for every employee you add to Payroll. Whether you have five employees or 500, they’re all included at the same price of the POWERSuite Enterprise. The only variations in pricing are the total number of Windows Users you want to access your PC/Server simultaneously. You decide whether you’re going to host the software yourself or whether you want to put it on a Cloud Server of your choice. Or, you can have it hosted by us on one of our dedicated DPROCloud Windows Servers just for you. You don’t ever share a server with anyone and it’s backed up on the hour with the data retained for a rolling fourteen days. That’s how you protect yourself from ransomware attacks!

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