First F9 Report Writer

First F9 Report Writer


One-Time Fee – First Excel Based F9 Report Writer
$330 Annual Maintenance Fee (20%) Required
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F9 is an easy-to-use financial reporting tool that dynamically links Microsoft Excel to Data Pro’s Infinity POWER General Ledger data files. Everything you know about spreadsheets can now be applied to the financial reports you create using F9!

F9 does all of this through a dynamic link to the General Ledger, ensuring that all numbers are timely, consistent, and complete. You will never have to manually create and customize your spreadsheets again. With a few simple steps you will be able to create the reports you need quickly and easily. You can manipulate your reports and refresh simply by pressing the F9 key on your keyboard.

F9 offers a powerful feature package:

  • Excel-based functionality ensures ease of use
  • Formula Calculations eliminate re-keying of numbers
  • “Business Intelligence” Reporting offers KPIs, Table and Pivot Table Analysis
  • Report Publishing, Drilldown Viewer and Analysis
  • Report Analysis diagnoses errors in a report
  • Drill-Down capability by Account Segments, Transactions, Pivot Details
  • Budget Write-Back to the General Ledger from F9
  • Consolidations over Multiple Companies, Multiple Years and Databases
  • Ad-hoc reporting using the Report Wizard
  • Scheduling, Report Calculation, Distribution and E-mail
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