Over the years, we’ve been privileged to work with a wide range of customers both large and small, privately and publicly held.  The use of the Infinity POWER tools that are included with the POWERSuite Enterprise enables a wide variety of implementations for our clients. 

Here are just a few of their comments:

Thank you for helping us to determine that QuickBooks was actually a document printing system and not a true double entry accounting system.  Until we found Data Pro’s Infinity POWER software on a business trip to Florida, we didn’t realize that our business partner could generate an invoice from QuickBooks and take it out to the client to get paid.

Then, he would take the check to his bank and deposit it into his personal bank account.  Afterwards, he would go into the QuickBooks software and “delete” the original invoice and its history.  We never knew anything about it.  You can’t do that in the Infinity POWER software.

By you guys telling us that and helping us switch software systems, we were able to go back to Capetown and sue our business partner.  When I was able to explain to the judge what he was doing, we were awarded our $250,000 in USD!  Furthermore, we were able to collect it!  You guys are invaluable!

Les S. - Capetown, South Africa

We started on a very basic network with hardly any local help.  But, we got great assistance from the support team at Data Pro.  We do lots of inventory management with heavy Sales Order processing for clients all over the country.  Now that we have our own dedicated DPROCloud server, getting on-line assistance is easier than ever!  Integration of all of the software modules to the General Ledger makes all of our end of month and year-end financials go very smoothly!

Ginger H. – Tavares, FL

Along with the integration to our Magento e-commerce web site, the integration of the DP/Charge Payment Server into to the Sales Order Entry, Accounts Receivable and DP/DashBoard modules make our lives so much easier.  The new DP/Payment feature really makes it easy for our customers with Net 30 days terms to pay their bills from either an invoice or from their monthly statements that we send out using the DP/AUTO monthly statement scripts as PDFs.  

Now, the PDFs include a nice secure link at the bottom that allows the customers to click and pay either with a credit card or with an ACH payment.  They pick the invoices they want to pay and all the work is done for us by them!  That’s the best part.  They get a receipt and we get an e-mail notification.  It’s just great.  It’s convenience for everyone!

Matt S. – Carson City, NV

Data Pro’s support team has always been there for us with answers and a quick turnaround on special projects or reports. We went from using it on our own internal network to upgrading to one of their dedicated cloud servers several years ago. We also implemented the Infor F-9 Excel add-in to create our customized SEC financial statements, assist with budgeting and our overall account analysis. Using F9, we were able to run different scenarios for our many reporting needs. The drill down feature makes it easy to see what rolls up into a specific line item on a given report.

Anytime we have reached out to add another module or enhancement, the support team at Data Pro have been there every step of the way for us. Since we are a publicly traded company, we have additional needs to be able to comply with the Sarbanes Oxley requirements. They go over and above to help us satisfy those requirements. We use a number of features to help us meet both internal and external audit requests. Using the DP/Auditor utility is very useful for us. We use it to recap entries made each quarter to the General Ledger from all sources for our auditors. They are then able to use that data for multiple purposes. Data Pro has been a simple, but effective, solution to our accounting and financial reporting needs.

Ruth D. – Huntington, WV

We have been using the complete Data Pro Infinity POWER packages for 20 plus years to include Sales Order Entry, Inventory Management, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll and more. From an accounting standpoint, our month end processes are easy and smooth. Data Pro’s technical support is quick, precise and to the point. Our company has had great experience with the Data Pro team over the many years. It's one of the primary reasons we continue to stay with them year after year.

Debbie S. – Athens, AL
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